5930 McIntyre St, Golden, CO

We are open to members 24/7.  The club has recently acquired a new building. We are in the process of building out the various ranges and completing the other plans for the building. Please be patient in this transitional period as we work on the various plans.

Currently the following rages are open for member use.

25 meter range

  • any pistol caliber between .22 and .44 magnum (including .45, jacketed, hollow points) for pistol
  • .22 long, .22 LR and .22 short for rifle
  • no airguns, shotguns, incendiary devices, tracers or .17 caliber
  • 10 positions
  • target can be placed at any distance up to 25m

10 meter air pistol range

  • standing only
  • air pistol
  • no BBs
  • improvements planned over the summer

10 meter air rifle range

  • positional
  • standing, kneeling and prone  air rifle
  • no BBs
  • targets can be adjusted to required heights
  • no strings
  • improvements planned over the summer

54′ air pistol silhouette range

  • no strings
  • multiple setups
  • air pistol silhouette (chickens, pigs, turkeys & rams)
  • air pistol falling plate

New range planned

  • 10 position 50′ range
  • backstop, steel and HVAC are installed
  • construction stage at present
  • lights are next

Our Location: