Black Powder League

Currently Inactive

  • When: Fridays: 5:00-7:00 pm. (Spectators welcome)
  • Course of Fire
    • Slow fire 12 shots in 12 minutes (including re-loading and re-capping) on a regulation Mike Fink target
    • Timed fire: Two strings of 6 shots in 20 seconds.
    • Rapid Fire:Two strings of 6 shots “dueling”. (Targets face for 3 seconds and edge for 7).
    • For all stages, top 10 shots will be scored.
    • Alibis and requests for extra time are expected and will be generously honored.
  • Equipment
    • Cap and ball revolvers with fixed or adjustable sights.
    • Single shot cap and ball guns may be used for slow fire.
    • Any caliber is allowed
    • Shooters are using black powder or black powder substitutes (eg. 777)
  • Fees: TBD
  • Awards: TBD
  • For More info: contact us
  • Notes: 
    • League will be co-ordinated by Robert Mumby
    • Our League is ongoing, with no start or stop dates.
    • This is a strictly recreational, non-competitive league.


MikeFink bullseye timed rapid BP RF


The left target is for slow fire (yes that’s -10 if you hit him in the head), the middle is for timed and the right target is for rapid fire.