2016 NRA International Sectional

    • Free Pistol:
      7 Targets – 1 sighting (unlimited shots), 6 record (10 shots), 17 minutes per target
    • Standard Pistol:
      20 Shots Slow Fire (5 shots in 2.5 min), 20 Shots Timed Fire (5 shots in 20 sec)
      20 Shots Rapid Fire (5 shots in 10 sec)
    • Air Pistol:
      13 Targets – 1 sighting (unlimited shots), 12 record targets (5 shots) in 1 hour 45 minutes
  • DATE & TIMES: SATURDAY: March 12, 2016 SUNDAY: March 13, 2016
    • Free Pistol: 8:30 AM each day
    • Standard Pistol: 11:00 AM each day
    • Air Pistol: relays starting at 8:30 AM at least every 2 hours, last start at 3 pm each day
  • WHERE: Arvada Rifle & Pistol Club: 5930 McIntyre St in Golden, Colorado.
  • ELIGIBILITY: Open to all shooters, to the capacity of the ranges: 10 shooters per relay for Free & Sport and
    up to 6 shooters per relay for Air Pistol.
  • FEES: As Determined by NRA.
  • CLASSIFICATION: The NRA classification system will be used. Classes with fewer than 3 entrants will be
    combined with the next higher class, with the exception that the Master class will not be combined
    with any other, Masters will shoot for Match Winner only if there are fewer than three Masters entered
    in a match. Unclassified shooters will shoot as masters, unless there are 3 or more Unclassified
    shooters, in which case an Unclassified class will be formed.
  • AWARDS: As Determined by NRA.
  • RULES: NRA Pistol Rules will apply modified only as needed for range conditions and safety considerations.
    A fee of $2.00 will be charged for each challenge. See NRA Rules for procedure. The use of plug
    type scoring gauges is restricted to the Match Director for determining contested shot values. Use of
    other scoring aids is encouraged. All operations are at the discretion of the range officer or the match
    • Doug Maxwell


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  • Family
  • Corporate
  • Senior
  • Student
  • Initiation Fee Discount for former family members
  • Initiation Fee Discount for members of local gun clubs
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